My Top 5 Favorite Colors from Dixie Belle Paint!

Today I created a list of my top 5 favorite colors from Dixie Belle. I love using Dixie Belle Paint because it is so versatile. You can use it to create layers, you can blend with it, and you can create a nice even finish with it as well because it dries level! My goal here is to give you easy go to colors for both a classic look, or a bold statement!

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My first favorite color is Caviar! It is Dixie Belles blackest black. I love the deep rich tone it gives. Look how beautifully it compliments this buffet. Caviar is a dark color so sometimes it is challenging to seal. I like to either tint my clear satin with a tsp of Caviar to help reduce streaking. Or I will use Howdy Do Hemp Seed oil to seal it. This stuff dries rock hard.

My next favorite color is Cotton! Okay I know, black and white. Likely not what you were expecting from me! But who doesn’t love a good clean white color? It is Dixie Belle’s whitest white. It is my go to color for a super clean finish. I always use at least 2 coats of BOSS in white under it for the best results. If you don’t use a primer with your whites, they are hard to cover. I couldn’t imagine using any other color on this card catalog. I had to keep it classy!

Caviar and Cotton are beautiful when they stand alone…but what happens when you pair them together? Magic, I tell you!! They are also my go to for black and white stripes! Check out this little gem here. You can read about the full makeover here.

My third favorite color is In the Navy. Who doesn’t love a good navy color? I find this is my go to color in my own house. It pairs well with gold leaf, blends beautifully with grays, and also was a perfect background color for this fern leaf transfer. These are in my bedroom!

My fourth favorite color is Palmetto!! Oh my goodness you guys, this one is such a perfect shade of green! It’s Not too light, and not too deep. I blended it here with cotton and applied white wax over it. Isn’t she just charming?


My fifth favorite color from Dixie Belle is……Colonel Mustard!!! I LOVE this shade! It is so retro and is making a HUGE come back!! Look how beautifully it pairs with deep teals and blues! This is also one of my favorite transfers. It’s called Cosmic Rose and I just love it with this color!!

These are my five favorite colors to use! Each one is gorgeous by itself or blended with other colors. I would love to know what your favorite Dixie Belle colors are, or what colors you would enjoy seeing me paint with! You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.