Warm Tones on a Blended Buffet

I’m sooo excited about this piece! We just placed her in our living room this morning and I have to say that the pictures just don’t do this piece justice! 😍
It only took 4 short days to create this ♥️! Which is funny because last week I posted a hutch that I painted for my dining room and it took me 6 months to finish it with a few repaints! Being in the mental / creative flow with a piece is such a gift. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does it’s a special feeling.
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I started by cleaning with white lighting and priming with clear BOSS. If you aren’t sure how to prep furniture for painting I have a whole blog on the process here
The colors I used are:
Bottom Legs and into the body:
Main Blues:
Little bit of these:
The main body:
Mix of Rustic RedRusty NailSawmill Gravy for a soft maroon color
Dry Brushing:
I did 2 coats of this blended look with these colors with lots of dry brushing in between to build up the layers.
Then I sealed it with Clear coat Satin. After it was dry I applied black wax and Dixie Dirt to the corners and edges for a shaded look! Then I used Gold gilding wax, Chameleon wax in Cactus, and I used the old green patina gilding wax as well.
I used copper patina paint and green patina activator on those adorable ball feet! I sealed everything with Gator Hide for a perfect finish!