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At Leah Noell Design Co. we take furniture from a time when it was hand crafted and breathe modern day life back into them.

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Painting a Metal Desk

I love these big metal tanker or teacher desks! But why are they made so ugly? I wondered for years if I could actually paint mine, and the answer is a big YES! You can totally paint them! This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any more from ordering from...

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Prepping Like a Pro

Let's talk about furniture prepping! This is a hot topic because it is the most important part of your project. Here I am going to show some tips on how to prep older antique furniture that has been sitting in the attic, barn, or maybe your basement. These pieces...

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Milk Jug Makeover

 If you're lucky, milk jugs are one of those rare items that you'll stumble upon while you are out thrifting! You can also buy them at Hobby Lobby or other decorating stores, but they're pricey. I picked both of these jugs up for around $15 each while out thrifting!...

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How to Prep Your Furniture Like a Pro!

"Do I need to prep my furniture before painting if I’m using chalk paint?" This is a question I get often and the answer is a big YES! I put together a quick guide to the steps I use to prep my furniture for a pro finish. Your pro paint finish starts with your prep work. 

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