My Favorite Furniture Finishing Products

Since I can remember I have wanted to offer you something like a start up kit with all my favorite products in it. Dixie Belle recently presented me with an opportunity to do just that!! Now, I wasn’t able to include ALL my favorite products but these are my top products for creating decorative finishes on my furniture. I focused on the finishing products I use the most!

*This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any more from ordering from these links but I earn a small commission so I can continue to bring you more fun projects! They also allow me to show you exactly what I use so you know what I’m referring to! * 

Okay Leah, so what’s in the Inspo box?? I’m going to go through each product and tell you why I choose each one for you!

White Lightening:

ALL good furniture makeovers begin with prepping your furniture! This is the one step that is NOT optional. So I included it in the box. It’s super easy to use. Just mix a couple tablespoons in a water bottle with hot water and BAM you have a cleaner that will clean years of oil, grime, dirt, and Pledge off your furniture. If you’ve never prepped furniture before I created a blog and video to help you with this process. Just click the blue highlighted words to get to them!

Best Dang Wax Brush:

It’s no secret that the easiest way to blend is with a flat round brush. At least that is my opinion. When I was first introduced to this technique it made my life so much easier! Here’s a tip for beginners: The closer in color that the 2 colors you are blending are, the easier it will be. For example this blend of Fluff & Manatee Gray in my moms bathroom is beautiful and it wasn’t that hard to do! Now I’m going to share this blend with you as well. This was quite a hard blend to achieve and I literally could not have done it without a flat round brush. You have to have the right tool for the job! The colors are Midnight sky and Manatee Gray.

Gator Hide:

Okay so, if I had to choose just one topcoat to use for the rest of my life it would be Gator Hide! No joke! This stuff is heat and water repellent. It really stands up well on high use areas. Even if I finish a piece with a different topcoat, such as Clear Coat Satin, I still finish my tops with Gator Hide. If you struggle with getting a streak free finish, Gator Hide can really help with that.