Bohemian Painted Pressboard Buffet

I normally don’t buy press board furniture. In fact I used to have a policy against it because I really prefer the quality of real wood. The problem is this can limit me with sizing. Some of these press board pieces I’ve been finding actually paint are really nice! They have to meet my quality checklist before I buy them! In this blog I’m going to go through my steps with you, so when you find a press board piece of furniture you’ll have an idea how to handle it.
I painted this piece in my private coaching group, Confidently Creative. It’s the best place for furniture painters and artists to connect, learn a few painting skills, and get tips for your painting business. We open again in the fall! You can get on the waitlist here.
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Material List:
Paint Colors:
Tools & Products:
Anchor Silk Paint (mix 50/50 with black glaze)
Apollo HVLP Sprayer (totally optional)
Chameleon wax tin Cactus and Lilac
Here are my steps! 
1️⃣Prep: White Lighting and rinse – If you have never prepped furniture before here is a blog on how to do it. Here is a video if you prefer that!
2️⃣Prime: Slick Stick – Why? Because I find that when working with blending and water on press board it is best to have a primer down. – I sprayed it.
3️⃣Base Coat: 2 sprayed coats of Antebellum Blue on the inside and out – By all means you can do this by hand. Spraying is just convenient.
4️⃣The Blending:
✔️Smudged Pine cone on the corners + Edges
This is what it looked like before the finishing products went on!!
5️⃣ Finishing Products:
✔️Then I applied clear coat satin by hand. I applied my glaze mix of 50/50 black glaze and silk mineral paint in anchor. – I like to mix my glaze with paint for a darker tint. The glaze helps the paint become more workable than if you just used the paint alone.
6️⃣Top: 2 coats of Coffee bean– Then I used the woodgraining tool with The Gulf, Fluff, Pine Cone
7️⃣Sprayed 2 coats of Gator Hide.
8️⃣Applied a small amount of Chameleon wax to the edges in Cactus and Lillac. Here she is!!
9️⃣ I blended the inside of the doors and applied a couple transfers. You can see the blending video here.