How to Paint Fabric/ How to use a Transfer on Fabric

Have you ever used a transfer on fabric? This was my first time and I’m addicted! It was so easy! You literally just paint, apply the transfer, seal, wash, and wear.

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Material List:

First, I misted the apron to get it a little bit wet. Then I painted it in an ombre using Dixie Belle’s Cotton, Pure Ocean, and Colonel Mustard. I used the Pure Ocean and the Colonel Mustard to get a nice green in between.

How to paint fabric. How to apply a transfer on fabric.

I let it dry overnight. I wanted all the moisture to be out of it before the next step. Now the next step was really, really easy! I choose the Folk 1 transfer from redesign with Prima. I applied with the transfer tool. I literally just rubbed it on!

How to paint fabric. How to apply a transfer on fabric.

This transfer comes in 3 sheets that fit the size of the apron. I did get the apron from the same company that makes the transfers. I used the bottom 2 sheets and then cut one of the designs from the last sheet from the top. I can use the leftover transfers for another project.

Lastly, I sealed my project. I used Modge Podge for fabric. This sealer has a little more flexibility to it so it will hold up on the fabric easier. Didn’t it turn out cute? The Secret  word is Summer.

How to paint fabric. How to apply a transfer on fabric.

After it was completely dry I hand washed it. I wouldn’t recommend putting it through the washer. I laid it out to dry overnight. In the morning  I put it in the dryer on the low heat setting for only 5 minutes (taking it out to check it every couple minutes). Then I let it air dry the rest of the way. It’s not hard it’s actually soft and totally wearable!