Bohemian Dresser

Do you ever want to just create a fun boho look? This way of painting is so fun and forgiving! These colors melted together perfectly. Here’s how I achieved this look. This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any more from ordering from these links but I earn a small commission so I can continue to bring you more fun projects! They also allow me to show you exactly what I use so you know what I’m referring to! Material List:

Step by Step: Step 1: To begin, I gave this piece 2 coats of BOSS in white as a base coat. Then, I mentally divided my piece into 2 vertical sections on the front. I tested my look on the right side and once I was happy with it I repeated the process on the left side. Step 2: For this paint finish, I wanted a galaxy look that could also be used in bohemian decor. I again mentally divided the piece in 3 sections, this time horizontally. Then I began with my darkest color, Aubergine. I mixed the Aubergine simultaneously with Plum Crazy and Amethyst. Using 3 colors at random creates an intense amount of depth. I toped this section off with a line of Plum Crazy to transition into the next color. Step 3: Moving on up! With a new brush I applied Antebellum Blue and Peacock simultaneously with a stippling or pouncing type brush stroke for this look. The bottom section was beginning to dry so I carried a little bit of the blues back down into the purples and pinks. Step 4: Top it off! With a new brush, I used Limeade for a bright pop of green to create a nice contrast. I used my blue brush to carry some of the blues into the Limeade and vice versa. At this point, it looked kind of crazy:

Step 5: Get Glazed! I sealed my dresser with a coat of Satin Clear Coat. Then I applied a mix of Black Acrylic Paint and the black glaze. This creates more depth over your piece. You could also use Black Wax for this step. Then I sealed it with 2 coats of Clear Gloss TopCoat. To finish it, I stained the top with Colonel Black and sealed it with Gator Hide.