Steampunk Dresser.

Steampunk Dresser.


Are you a fan of Steampunk style?


I must confess steampunk is not my to-go style, but I do have fun pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking new challenges. I first experimented with this unique style when I painted a steampunk vanity for one of my friends and the second time around it got even more personal: this piece is for my son, Mason!


I’m super excited about this reveal ♥️! This dresser was my grandmother’s and now it is my son’s. He asked me to make it look like “The inside of a clock,” which I figured out it is the teenage boys’ way of saying “Steampunk Style!”


I’m really happy with how it turned out.⚙️⚙️⚙️


Industrial Steampunk dresser.


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Material List:



Painting Details


I started out by laying the dresser on its back and placing the gears. It took a few tries but we settled on this placement. I used about 4 packages of the large gears from WoodUbend Mouldings and 4 packs of the small gears. I adhered them with Titebond Wood Glue.


Industrial steampunk dresser



Next, I primed with clear BOSS and when the primer had dried, I  gave it  2 solid coats of Caviar from Dixie Belle Paint Company.


Industrial steampunk dresser



Then I used an old blue finishing sponge and sponge-painted a coat of Gold Digger.



Industrial steampunk dresser


I let it dry and then mixed up Caviar and Silver Bullet to make a pewter color. I sponge painted the pewter on while alternating with Caviar as well. It created this faux metal look that you see here. I sealed the whole piece with Gator 🐊 Hide. 


Industrial Steampunk dresser. Steampunk furniture.



The gears ⚙️ are finished with the newly formulated Gilding waxes from Dixie Belle!! They will be available in the Fall and they are so worth the wait! They are amazing!!

We moved this piece into his room as soon as it was dry and he is very happy with it!! I hope it’s something he’ll be able to keep for a long time 🖤.


Check my Facebook live section for a  tutorial video for more in-depth details!!


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