Blue Dresser Makeover.

Blue Dresser Makeover.

One of my friends from high school is becoming a foster parent! I kept seeing her posts about the bedroom makeover and followed along the entire process. I  have enjoyed witnessing how the room has slowly transformed into a welcoming space for a little one longing for a safe and nurturing environment.
Seeing her do something so selfless and kind inspired me to help in the only way I know how to:  by brushing life into a piece of furniture that will complement their home and make it even more unique and special.
I choose this dresser because it will add character to the room while providing additional storage. A win-win!
Blue dresser makeover.
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📝Shopping List📝
(Please notice the legend next to each item on the list. The recycling symbol ♻️ means you’ll use this item for MANY projects and the check mark ✅  means the exact amount needed for this project, but you might have some leftover)
♻️White Lightning Cleaner. One container will last you MANY projects.
♻️Dixie Belle Mini Paint Brush
♻️Blue Top Coat Sponge
♻️Dixie Belle Mud (to fill in hardware holes)
✅8oz BOSS primer on White
✅16oz Haint Blue Chalk Paint or Paint color of your choice
✅8oz Satin Clear Coat

The Paint Details 🎨

My first step is always cleaning the piece using White Lightning Cleaner.  Never skip this important step. Cleaning and prepping your furniture will guarantee a good quality finish.  I have a short video in case you would like to learn about how to prep your furniture the right way.
How to prep furniture before painting
After the dresser was nice and clean, I applied a coat of BOSS primer in white. Now, the most fun part of the process: adding color!
The bedroom has lots of fun colors in it already so we decided to make the dresser a simple piece. I painted this dresser in the ever so calming Haint Blue from Dixie Belle Paint Company. Sometimes simple does it 🤍.

I sealed it with Satin Clear coat and replaced the hardware with oil rubbed bronze knobs. As much as I wanted to put crystal knobs on this one, I decided the bronze make it gender-neutral!

Blue dresser makeover

This was such a straightforward and quick makeover, that I know that anyone reading can replicate the process easily! For me, the best part of it was not how simple was to complete it, but that I was able to take a small part in the beautiful journey my friend is about to embark on.

I hope I have inspired you to follow your heart and be creative.  If you are looking for ideas on how to start creating why don’t you begin by, taking my quiz and determining the home decor that perfectly matches your style.

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