Blue Ombre Floral Dresser

There is something about the size of this dresser that gets people! I’m telling you, if I’ve found the one size “seems” to fit all piece, this is it! This size is what I like to call antique sized. These pieces were made to go in smaller homes and can fit perfectly into that little corner of your house that just needs a little something fun.

So, if you follow me you may remember I painted this dresser. I showed my mom this dresser before it was done and she yelled “That’s mine, I want it.” which is pretty out of character for my mom so I knew she wanted it! So I did something I only do for my mom. I said okay, just trade me a dresser of the same size! And that is where I got this perfect sized dresser to paint this blue ombre on!

You can read about this makeover here.

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Material List:

This piece is a 100 years old and had a little bit of veneer damage on the side. I started off by repairing the chipping veneer with Bondo. You can see my YouTube tutorial on how to do this here. Once this was fixed I cleaned the whole piece thoroughly with Krud Kutter Gloss Off. This gets rid of any dirt and oils and helps the paint stick.

I then gave it 2 coats of BOSS primer in white. I know you don’t have to use primer with chalk paint, but I prefer to. I feel like I always get a better product when I use primer!

I then started to paint an ombre finish on it. Ombre is where you start with a darker color and work your way up to a lighter color. This process takes two applications. The first coat of paint is the practice run. This is where I choose the colors and where they are going to lay. The second application is where I make sure it looks just right. I do a lot of ombre because well…. its my favorite! The colors I used from the bottom up are In the Navy, Yankee Blue, Blue berry, and Cotton.

I do prefer to use natural hair brushes when I am blending. Paint pixie brushes are my favorite brand. It’s not uncommon for me to use between 2 and 7 brushes to finish an ombre. If I feel like I need a clean brush, I will grab one. Whatever makes the paint finish I’m doing work! Here is a picture of the dresser after the first application.

After the first coat is dry, I paint the final coat on. After the second coat is dry I add the transfer. For this project I applied French Ceramics II from Dixie Belle. It comes with 3 sheets of transfer material. I like to cut mine up and create fun designs like this! Once I finished applying the transfer I sanded it back lightly to make it appear hand painted.

To finish I used 2 coats of satin clear coat. I stained the top with Expresso Gel Stain and sealed it with Gator hide. It’s very common for me to use satin clear coat to seal the body of a piece and gator hide to seal the top. The difference between gator hide and satin clear coat is this: Gator Hide = Water RepellentClear Coat = Water Resistant.

I hope you loved this makeover! If this piece inspires you please share your photos with me at

Here’s the little extra surprise I added to this piece!