Sometimes You Just Have to repaint

Sometimes you just have to repaint! I paint a lot of buffets. They come in roughly the same size, give or take a few inches, and can be used for several different things within your home. You can use them as a TV console, a dining area buffet, a coffee bar, an entryway piece, or I’ve even had a client use one as a dresser / TV console in their bedroom! Here is a before picture of the buffet I’ll be talking about in this post.

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Now, this buffet is a very elegant style. I decided to paint this buffet in an emerald green tone. I’m going to give you the quick rundown of how this was painted first. I had painted this buffet a gorgeous emerald green color by mixing half Cobalt Blue and half Evergreen from Dixie Belle. To add depth to the green, I put black wax over the top and buffed it out with my buff brush from Paint Pixie to even out the wax. The details and legs are highlighted with bronze patina paint and then sealed with Gator Hide. I then stained the top with No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut and sealed that with Gator Hide as well. I had it for sale for about 2 months and then I got a call from a wedding rental company that needed a couple of buffets fast! Now I know this one would have eventually sold as it was, but I didn’t have time to find a new buffet to paint that had as elegant of a style as this one. So I decided to repaint it!

Now, repainting a new piece of furniture requires a little prep work. I started by using my Orbit Sander with 120 grit sandpaper and sanding most all the wax off the piece. I used my sanding block to get in the corners of the piece. Once it was sanded I used Krud Kutter Gloss Off to clean the whole piece. After that was dry, I primed it with BOSS in white. Primer is important to me. I use it with almost all my pieces. This piece was going from dark to light so the primer helps hide the dark paint.

Once the primer was dry I gave this buffet a solid coat of Cotton white from Dixie Belle and let it dry completely. Then I got out my silicone paint brush and swooped in Fluff and Vintage Duck Egg to got this marbled look.

I did this on the whole piece including the legs. Once it was dry I put white wax over the whole piece. This softens the look up and changes the color of the blue. It made it much lighter. After that, I added Gold Gilding wax to all the details.

As for the top, I had already stained and sealed it with Gator Hide for the last paint job but it had to be painted to match this style. I sanded it with 120 grit and my orbit sander and cleaned it with Krud Kutter. Then I applied a coat of Slick Stick with a sponge roller as a primer. I then painted it with a coat of Vintage Duck Egg. Since The Vintage Duck Egg wasn’t blended with the Fluff and was over a large flat area, it looked a little green compared to the rest of the piece. So I went ahead and added in Haint Blue and blended it with Fluff and Vintage Duck egg. I used Whitewash Glaze over that and then sealed it with Gator Hide!

You can see the Haint Blue really helped! This buffet is off to serve many tasty desserts at weddings!