WorkShop Tour

It’s always fun to see what someone else’s workspace looks like. I started LNDC out of my garage back in September of 2017!! I live in Northern Indiana so we get a variety of weather including a ton of snow. I remember my husband saying to me that I need to have my furniture moved out of the garage before the winter so we could park in the garage! HA! Our garage hasn’t seen a car inside since 2017. 

When the weather shifted and it became too cold to work in there, I had to move operations into our living room. Our garage became storage for unfinished pieces.

In our old house we literally had a kitchen and a living room for living space. It was a beautiful home with cathedral ceilings, but it wasn’t an ideal workspace. We were crammed but I do admit, I do miss working among my family. That first year I saved enough money from my furniture sales to have my neighbor install heating and air conditioning in my garage.

My shop at the old house kind of just grew around me. I used old furniture that wasn’t up to par to sell to store my paint and supplies. I had a corner that I laid vinyl flooring on and added paneling to the walls to make it a nice space to do videos in. I highly recommend laying a vinyl flooring of some sort on your concrete work area. It isn’t like foam so you can still use your furniture dollies on it. But it provides enough of a barrier to keep your booty warm while you paint. I buy mine in the Rembrandt section of Menards. I still need to get one for the new shop.

Okay time for out with the old and in with the new! Are you ready to see the new shop? I have to tell you that as exciting as it was to organize a new workspace, it was also a challenge. I still haven’t found my main corner or workspace like you see in the picture above, but it will come.

First off, I feel like the home we moved into was built just for us. Like every owner that has had it before was just preparing it for our family. The garage, referred to as “My Shop,” is on the front end of the house. Then there is an attached shed that is my husband’s shop! It is SO nice not to have to share a workspace with anyone! Let’s walk right in from the house and see my favorite feature. The windows. My old shop felt like a cave. It had no natural light. Natural light is a huge mood booster and makes it easier to take blog photos , etc. This is the staircase leading in. I have my magnetic chalk board where I layout all my transfers, to do lists, and design ideas. To the left of the chalkboard is where my heater and spray booth are. I’m SO grateful I’m finally able t0 spray my primer, base coats, and topcoats. I produce a lot of furniture so this makes it more efficient. I also was able to hook our old TV up in here because the WIFI reaches! BONUS!

You can see the full view here. I was able to store quit a bit of furniture under the stairs. You can see my inventory behind the blue chair. I always have a cozy vintage chairs in my shop to sit and think in. I also always love it when Curt sits out here and we have a beer together at the end of the day while I finish working. Keeping cozy chairs around makes it easier to keep company in your workspace. It can be a lonely job.


The first thing we installed was 4 – 12 foot shelves. I don’t even know where I stored this at my old place! The cabinets underneath were already here. I love them! I also have my beer refrigerator handy! I have since added little deck lights under the wood ceiling / shelf to create a warm vibe when I work at night. I’m all about the lighting in my workspace. I will also add a vinyl floor in front of the garage door as well.



On the other side of the garage door you’ll see the service door and more shelving. You guys…I always keep shelves like this in these small spaces and it surprises me how much storage they provide!

This was leads into my staging wall which is the center of the shop. I had to find a spot that provided the correct amount of light. I thought I was going to have to remove one of the built in workbenches, but between the window and opening the garage door I am able to get enough light.

Here are some more photos of my shop! I have a shelving unit with my staging stuff in clear storage bins so I can see inside them and keep the dust off. I also have a sink here! It has running water but isn’t hooked up to a drain. We may have to fix that!


I love my new workspace and can’t wait to make it more of my own as the time goes on. If you don’t already, you can follow my stories on Instagram and Facebook (They are the same daily). This is where I share all my tips, painting projects, and just life in general.

If you’re starting a new furniture painting business there are a few shop staples I recommend. Whether you’re in your living room or garage, you’ll want to keep these in mind.

  1. Staging Wall – In order to get top dollar for your furniture pieces, you need to have beautiful photos that really show off your work. Having a staging wall in your workspace is a huge bonus. I open up my garage door to get the best natural light
  2.  Source for Water- I used to keep an old laundry detergent container with the spout full of water  so I could fill my bottles and use it as I needed. I also would keep a bucket of water to drop my used brushes in. The new shop has a wash tub that has running water, but it drains into a bucket.
  3. Cozy Chairs – Keep that company when it comes!
  4. Desk Area- I always have a little space for my pen, paper, and lipstick. I even keep a little mirror there to touch my makeup up before I do a video. I’m more likely to do a live video if I have a fresh face but who wants to go inside? LOL not me!

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! I hope you find some inspiration for your own. Remember, this didn’t happen over night and is ever evolving. If you’re working out of your living room I want to encourage you to enjoy the place you’re in and run your own race. Although I’m so grateful to have this new space, I’m still grateful for the time I got to work inside my home surrounded by my family. Keep creating and bringing your art to this world ♥️.