Painting Bold Bright Colors

Do you love painting furniture in bold bright colors? Then you’re in the right place. Usually when furniture artists paint “Bold” and “Bright” they lean on turquoise, blues, reds, pinks, and even yellows. You don’t see Orange too often even when painting bold and bright!!  Today I’m going to share how this small chest got a shade of a beautiful bold orange color.

Last week I showed you my ☀️ sun room makeover that I did with the staging items I had on hand. As you can see, the little chest to the left of the sofa really needed some attention! I want this whole room to be bright and bold!

I pulled this piece out, and prepped it for paint! If you’ve never prepped a piece of furniture to paint before you can read my instructional blog about it here or watch my YouTube Video here.

First, I started with a coat of BOSS primer in white followed by a base coat of Terra-cotta from Dixie Belle Paint Company. I did 2 solid coats of Terracotta. I knew I wanted to use Florida Orange 🍊but from experience I know this color takes a few more coats for full coverage. So that is why I used the Terracotta for the base opposed to the Florida Orange.

After the base coat was dry, I blended Florida Orange on the edges with Colonel Mustard in the middle. Colonel Mustard is my FAVORITE 🤩 yellow ever!! I did 2 coats of this for a solid blend. Then, I shaded just the edges with Honky Tonk Red to really make it bold 💥!!! This picture shows the piece before I shaded the red.

After I shaded the Honky Tonk Red in, I sealed it with Clear Coat Satin. Just 2 coats. Then, I sealed only the top with 2 layers of Gator Hide. Gator Hide is a Heat and Water repellent finish. Where as clear coat satin is only water resistant. I often seal a piece with the Clear Coat Satin and then only do the tops with Gator Hide because they get the most use.

This was the perfect color pop for this room! Look how it brightened it up! Are you inspired to paint something bright and bold? If you do please share it with me! I would love to see!

This piece is not for sale but you can see all the pieces I do have available on my website here.