Vintage Vanity Makeover

Vintage Vanity Makeover



Sometimes soft and elegant does it.


Last weekend I dove into this vintage vanity and couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it Navy or Mint. Somehow I ended up painting it this beautiful duck egg color and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!!


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Material List:



The painting details 🎨


I used the new Silk line from Dixie Belle that was just released!! If you are in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand you can find it at your local retailer. I’m going to give you the closet color equivalents for the chalk mineral paint that you can get.


Serenity = Vintage Duck Egg
Bay Breeze = Manatee Gray


Now, they aren’t the exact same colors but they are super close!! I gave this piece one solid coat of  Serenity. It covered very well. Then on the second coat, I blended a touch of Bay Breeze just to lighten it up and give more depth.


Why would you use the Silk mineral Paint VS the original chalk mineral paint line??


Great Question! The silk is smoother and not as porous. It does not need a topcoat. It’s for a cleaner, simpler looks like this one.


Vintage Vanity Makeover


The rest of the details are done with whitewash glaze and the new Gemstone Mousse in Golden Gem. The top is the original finish. I cleaned it with Howdy Do Hemp Seed oil.


PRO TIP: Did you know I used to get rid of all the mirrors that came with the dressers I painted? I hated painting mirrors so much. The tape was hard to put on, especially mirrors with curves, and even harder to remove cleanly.


I have the best tip on how to paint a mirror frame the easy way: use a deck of playing cards and slide them under the mirror frame. They are waxy and slide in and out easily. I have tried index cards but they rip and don’t slide out like playing cards do. I pick them up at the dollar stores and keep them handy for when it is time to paint a mirror frame.


How to paint a mirror frame diy



This quick tip has saved me so many headaches and I hope it does the same for you.

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