Tropical Painted Table

This piece was so good I actually painted TWO of them. I accidentally didn’t set the inventory on my website and this piece sold to two different people within 10 minutes of each other. So I painted the same theme on a similar piece for one of my clients! Check them out. Aren’t they fun? If you’re looking for a theme that sells in 2021 Tropical is a winner!!
I named the first piece “Tropical Teri” because it just reminds me of the CMO Teri Ronk at Dixie Belle Paint. She’s definitely a bright ball of fun energy just like these tables!

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Material list:

Tropical Teri 1:
I actually used the entire Tropical Leaves transfer on this piece! Everything you see on this table is included in your Tropical Leaves Transfer.
I started with a base of Slick Stick because this piece had a slick factory finish on it. Then I applied 2 coats of Terra-Cotta to the bottom and Peony to the top. I wanted to use Florida Orange 🍊 but Florida Orange is kind of a thin color so when I use it I usually use a base of Terra-Cotta to get the best coverage. Then I blended the Peony and Florida Orange together for this ombré effect 💕.
I highlighted the details with Gold Mousse and then sprayed Clear Coat Gloss with my Apollo Sprayer.
Tropical Teri 2:
I did the exact same steps for the second piece. The finish on the round table is that MDF like you commonly find on Bombay pieces (that you know aren’t wood). I like to prime them because it makes them easier to paint with chalk mineral paint. Especially if you’re going to be blending with water.
For Teri 2 I used 2 transfer tubes on but not the full amount of each. I needed one of the full pattern sheets of each of the framed out sides. One of my favorite tips for applying a transfer in a framed out area is use a little mousse over the frame after your transfer is on. You’re likely going to get a little bit of the transfer on the edge. So I like to sand it back a little bit on that trim, then paint the Gemstone Mousse on it. I like to use the Mousse instead of the Gilding Wax because it has a heavier coverage.
Lastly I sprayed Clear Coat Gloss on this piece a well! Teri 2 is shipping to Washington State to live with a client that will now own 4 of my pieces!!