Painting a buffet with Transfers

I’ve had this little buffet since my 🎂 in May! I really love the shape and style of this piece so it took me some time to think of how I wanted to design it. The ones I ♥️♥️ are always harder to design! I also had to research this one because it looked really really old!! I found out that the little curls on the top of the legs are called “Hairy Legs” and actually makes a piece more desirable. Pretty cool!!

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Material list:

This piece was super fun to create!! I started by prepping my piece with White Lightening. If you’re not sure how to prep your furniture you can learn how to HERE.Step 1:

I stated with 2 coats of Baja Gray on the shell and 2 coats of Tide Pool on the drawers from the Silk mineral paint line. This paint has primer in it, so I did not use primer and it did not bleed which actually surprised me with the age of this piece. The more I use the silk paint, the more I love it!!

Step 2:

I applied glaze to the shell where I painted with Baja Gray. Now the Dixie Belle Paint Company glaze is made to fall into cracks and not sit on flat surfaces. I prefer my glaze to sit a bit heavier so I mix 50/50 black glaze and silk paint in Anchor  to get a deep look. I pull it with a car wash sponge. This is different from a paint wash. The glaze allows you to pull the paint in a different way and makes the paint more playable.
You can see my glazing video HERE. **Please note I changed my mix to the 50/50 anchor and glaze because it seems to work best that way!
Step 3:

 I painted my WoodUbend pieces with Silver Bullet. While they dried I applied the Floral Romance transfer to the drawers. Then I sealed it with Satin Clear Coat. It’s easier to seal pieces that are flat so I  did it before I applied my Woodubend. I used WUB996 for the keyholes and WUB2102 for the corners. Then I applied them with Tightbond Quick and Thick.

Step 4:
I applied the new Lace transfer from Dixie Belle to the sides. I only wanted to use one tube. There are 4 sheets per tube and it took me 2 sheets to do each side. There was about an inch of space on the back side that it didn’t reach. I used scraps from the Floral romance transfer from the front to fill it in!! These little challenges make for the best design decisions! I love the way those florals look on the side, it ties the front in perfectly!!

I finished all the edges and details with gemstone Mousse in Diamond. Then I added Howdy Do Hemp Seed Oil to the top. The top had a gator crackled texture and splitting on the edges. I though it looked cool so I left it and just protected it with the hemp oil!