How to Paint an Old World Finish

Have you ever painted an “Old World” finish? Old World is a style that’s very similar to the Bohemian technique of furniture painting so you can apply it both ways! This hutch was calling for an old world style. It is an antique but it had some work done to it in the 80’s or 90’s. The interior seemed to be rebuilt very well, but the veneer was not smooth. Old World calls for lots of texture and variation so it was the perfect style to suit this piece!

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I loved this piece from the moment I picked her up with my son. She served as my desk ๐Ÿ“ area in my shop in Griffith for many months and I just found this piece to be so handy to have around. I loved the storage, the way the top is easy to lean against and write, having a mirror right there to touch up my makeup ๐Ÿ’„ before a live…Iโ€™m going to miss her, but sheโ€™s too good now for a shop desk!! She’s off to be loved on in a beautiful home!
Every month in my private coaching group, Confidently Creative, I do a private class just for our tribe. Everyone voted for an Old World Finish and that is how Victoria came to be!! My group has much more than just paint tutorials. Itโ€™s just one of the fun bonuses we do together! We open again April 5th. You can get on the wait list here.
To begin, I prepped and cleaned my piece. If you’re new to furniture painting prep work is soooo important no matter what paint you use! Don’t buy into the idea of “No Prep” it’s a scam!! If you don’t know how to prep furniture you can read my blog here or watch my video here.
To start out I wanted to use up some of the paint I had left over in my FIFO bottles. I tried them and Iโ€™m not a fan. So I mixed up what was left of Holy Guacamole ๐Ÿฅ‘ and Gravel Road to create a base coat that I sprayed on. I let it dry. *Tip: I used a deck of card from the Dollar Store to push around the edges of my mirror and then taped them into place. I used Glad Press and Seal to cover the rest of the mirror because I had it on hand but you can use cardboard or anything to block the paint.
This piece had a lot of raised veneer which gave it a beautiful texture to create an Old World finish on. The veneer was solid, just not smooth. I wanted to add a bit more texture around the sides and edges so I mixed up a batch of Sea Spray and Gravel Road. I applied it to the areas you see are brown in the finished photo.
Then I dry brushed randomly Dusty Blue, Sea Glass, Antebellum Blue, Blueberry, Savannah Mist, and Pine Cone.….Okay everyone stop and go get you some Pine cone!! It is the most over looked color in the Dixie Belle line! You see those beautiful faint spots of โ€œPatina?โ€ That’s a look that is easily achieved with Pine Cone!! I dry brushed my heart out until I achieved this layered blues look. If you’re new to dry brushing it’s where you barely have any paint on your brush and you sweep it over your piece until you get your archived look.
Once the paint was dry, I applied one coat of Satin Clear Coat. Then I went to town with clear Best Dang Wax and Dixie Dirt in Ash and Charcoal. I applied the wax in the corners and pretty much the same places I had the Sea Spray on. Then I added the Dixie Dirt,. You see the way makes the Dixie Dirt sticks. I used a chip brush that I cut short to apply and blend it in. That made everything POP!!
I pulled this Old World piece into my paint booth and gave her one last coat of Gator ๐ŸŠ Hide. This is for extra protection and to set the Dixie Dirt. Gator Hide is Heat and Water repellent so it’s perfect for a long lasting finish.
Lastly, I had these antique pulls from a previous piece and they fit perfectly!! I cleaned them and added bronze and gold gilding wax from Dixie Belle. I’m so happy I choose an Old World look for this piece. It fits perfectly! This piece sold within 24 hours which is always a good feeling! Are you inspired to try an Old World finish? If you do, please send me a picture for a chance to be featured on my Facebook and Instagram fed!!