How to Paint a Bombay Chest

How to Paint a Bombay Chest


It’s Tea 🍵 Time ♥️.


This is the sweetest little Bombay chest around!! Couldn’t you just see this in a little girl’s room?


How to paint a bombay chest. How to decorate a bombay chest.


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Material List:



The painting details 🎨

This Bombay chest got its start with Niss & That came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Her husband Vance prepped it for me with white lightning cleaner and primed it with BOSS. Yes, I will put anyone that comes through my front door to work with no shame!


This Bombay received 2 coats of Tea Rose (perfectly named) from Dixie Belle Paint Company. Then I added just a little bit of Fluff with a dry round wax brush for a little variance at the bottom.


Once it was dry I applied the Tea Time decoupage paper from Bubblegum Yum. I completely cut it out. Here is a video with the step by step instructions!

I decoupaged it on with Dixie Belle clear satin topcoat. Then I applied this gorgeous rose transfer from Hokuspokus!! It’s called Jardin de Roses 🌹. 


How to paint a bombay chest. How to decorate a bombay chest.

This piece is available!!! The dimensions are:36” Wide -17.5” Deep-35” Tall


I used so many different techniques for this piece: decoupage, transfers, color layering. If you would like to learn how to master all these techniques, I many tutorials that give you the exact steps to follow. Find all of them HERE 

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How to paint a bombay chest. How to decorate a bombay chest.