How to Create a Faux Metal Look

It’s that time in our 14 year old son’s life where he has seemed to have out grown everything he owns. His bed is no exception. It’s an expensive time as he is going through shoes faster than he can break them in! I’ll admit it’s really nice to have a strong young man around to help me move furniture! We do move A LOT of furniture around here. As a mom I knew this growth spurt was going to happen sooner or later. 

My husband and I were at a home that a couple just bought and were renovating. They were selling a buffet and had listed it on Facebook Market Place. When we got there they had several furniture pieces that they were more than happy to sell. We ended up buying the buffet, a gentlemans chest, and this bed! It’s always a good day when you are able to get more than one piece of furniture on a pick. We knew our son would need a new bed soon and this one was perfect!

So we got it and it sat in my shop for almost a year. It became inevitable that it was time to paint these beautiful bones. My ideal design for this. Bed was going to be light gray with black glazed details. I mean come on the lines in the bed post just call for it! But I asked my son what he wanted. And much to my surprise he asked me if I could make it look like metal……what? I don’t know where he gets ideas like this!

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Hi Ho Silver Glaze

Black Glaze

Silver Metallic Paint

Black Acrylic Paint

Steel Wool

Krud Cutter Gloss off

I started by setting the bed up with the rails and all. This is the easiest way to paint a bed frame. Already set up.  Then I cleaned this piece throughly with krud kutter. I didn’t bother sanding since I am using chalk paint and the surface didn’t have any icky gunk on it or anything. I then gave it 2 coats of midnight sky which is like a dark black charcoal color.

Once the paint was dry I painted it with this mix: 1 part Dixie Bell black glaze; 1 part Hi Ho silver glaze; 1 part metallic silver paint. Then I added black acrylic paint until I had the color of metal I desired. I applied it with a chip brush in sections. Then I hit it with a semi damp cloth. Literally I just smacked the paint until it had a metal looking texture. While the paint was still wet Iightly brushed over it with a chip brush to give it a brushed metal look.

After it dried I then went back over the paint and sanded it with steel wool to give it an authentic brushed metal look. 

  Since Dixie Belle paints and glazes do not need a sealer I simply let it dry and moved it right into my son’s room! He loves it and I think it turned out looking very industrial!