Floral Celebration Buffet

One of the questions I get a lot is, “Where do you find your furniture?” Well, I have to tell you, a lot of it I don’t find! In fact, this is one that my sister in law found while out thrifting and dropped off at my house! It doesn’t get better than that! This piece gave me a very vintage vibe that I wanted to roll with.

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Material List:

I started by cleaning this piece really well with White Lightning. I keep mine in a spray bottle and use it whenever I need to clean a piece. Your paint job is only as good as your prep work so don’t skip this step! Once it was clean, I rinsed the piece with just plain ol’ water. Then I applied a coat of BOSS primer in white. BOSS primer helps stop bleed through which is oils, tannin from the wood, and other icky stuff that can show up through your paint job if you don’t prime. Once it was dry, I gave it 2 coats of Aged Ivory on the entire piece as a base coat.

Did you know Dixie Belle has partnered with Flea Market Decor Magazine? They created 6 limited release colors that are super vintage feeling so I knew they would be perfect for this makeover. I also wanted to use this Rose Celebration Transfer. I’ve been waiting for the perfect piece to use it on!

To start, I knew I wanted to use an orange color because the transfer has some orange in it. I mixed Reclaimed Barn and Golden Years to get a rich orange tone. I blended this in the middle of the piece and then faded into the legs a bit. This color is meant to be an undertone. Once it was dry, I had a little fun. I mixed and blended the paint colors Golden Years, Patina, and Birchwood until I created a beautiful Patina.

I painted a lot of this piece on live video. You can see the Undertone video here. You can see the Patina Video here.

Once it was dry, I added the Rose Celebration transfer. You can see the application video here. When choosing a piece for a transfer that comes in panels, I like to choose one that is smaller than the measurements of the transfer. That way I can cut it up and add it to the sides and top of the piece. Once it was applied, I sanded it back into the paint. This does two things for the transfer. First, it makes it look worn into the paint. And second, it takes the shine off and helps the transfer to better adhere to your furniture. After that I added Van Dyke Brown glaze to the entire piece.

I put the glaze on with a car wash sponge which gave the top a unique look. This adds some dimension to the flat color.

When the glaze was dry I decided to tone the whole piece down a notch with white wax. This is what makes the piece for me. It allows the piece to have great color that is not so in-your-face. To finish I applied Gator Hide to the top! Gator Hide is a great sealant that is heat and water resistant. I finish all my tops with it for extra protection! Here she is! I think this piece turned out beautiful!