Buffet Table Makeover

Buffet Table Makeover.



We went bold and beautiful on this stunner and I LOVE it!!! I had quite a few different ideas for this piece but I’m so happy with how she turned out!


Buffet table makeover


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Material List:




The painting details 🎨

As usual, my first step was to prep the piece. This is a large buffet table, therefore the last thing I wanted was to apply extra coats of paint to cover any bleeds because I skipped prep time. To learn my prep routine check THIS VIDEO. Trust me, my prep method is truly fail-proof. I use it on all of my projects and it has never let me down.


Buffet table makeover


Once done with prep time, I started by painting this piece in 2 coats of Midnight Sky from Dixie Belle Paint Company. Then, I applied a layer of Satin Clear Coat. When the clear coat had dried, I used Steel Magnolia very lightly, to glaze over the entire piece. I went lighter in some areas to create a shaded effect 🖤.


The last step was to highlight all the details with Silver gilding wax.


And she is not only beautiful on the outside, take a peek inside!!


Black buffet makeover


The inside is PINK!


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with hot pink. I want to paint everything hot pink. Fireplaces, walls, and my refrigerator to name a few. And yeah, you read that right, you can paint your refrigerator. I shared on a previous blog how to paint your refrigerator, but if you are more of a visual learner, I recently posted on my YouTube Channel, THIS VIDEO  with the step by step instructions.

But despite my desire of going wild with hot pink I wanted to stay classy for this buffet table makeover, However, I added the perfect amount of pink to stay classy while still indulging my current color craze.


I painted the drawers with Plum Crazy and cover the fronts with decor foils from Artistic painting studio.


Buffet table makeover



I painted the drawers with Plum Crazy from Dixie Belle and to spice them up even more I cover the front with Decor foils from Artistic Painting Studio.


Have I told you already that I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out?


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Black Buffet makeover