Antique Table Update

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Let’s be honest. Antique furniture usually has seen better days before I get my hands on it. But the craftsmanship and unique designs usually grab my heart and make the work that goes into them well worth it! This little side table was no different! Although it was in great condition, the top veneer was peeling back just a bit. I knew I wanted a super smooth, painted top so I took my putty knife and removed all the veneer.


Great bones right!! Removing veneer can be tricky and it takes a little patience. First I take as much off as I can with my metal scraper.

Then, after I’ve removed as much as possible, I use my spray bottle and wet the stubborn veneer to loosen the glue. You’re going to want to let that moisture set in and loosen the glue. To do this I use a damp/wettish towel and lay it over the table top and let it sit over night. In the morning I will use my metal scrapper to scrap all the remaining veneer up. For the really, and I mean really stubborn pieces I use a little bit of stripper to get it off. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves.

Once the veneer was removed I brought this little cutie outside to spray paint. Yes I said spray paint! Let’s make this easy peasy! My color of choice was Krylon Gloss Mombo Pink. It is bright and shinny. I didn’t prime the legs because I’ve had great luck with spray paints durability. The key is several THIN coats. If you try to paint it on and cover it all in one or two layers you’ll get drips.

Now that the base is painted pink we are ready to prep the table top. I used wood filler to make this top as smooth as possible before I used my favorite primer. The wood underneath was knotty pine which has a chance for the knots showing up through the paint. I always prime my pieces with a shellac based primer. This makes the surface smooth and eliminates any chance of bleed through!

Now it was time for the stripes. I don’t know about you but there is nothing I love more than black and white stripes. They are classy and fun all in one. First I painted the table with white paint. I used Bher Marquee from Home Depot.  I let it dry for a day before I tapped it off. To measure the stripes I found the center of the table. I tapped it off with scotch blue painters tape. Then I used my roll of tape to measure even lines across the whole top. Be sure to press firmly on the tape to secure it. Then I used black acrylic paint and painted a very thin layer (to seal the tape). I painted 3 coats and pulled the tape off after the last coat dried for a half hour. I sealed the top with Modern Masters Master clear before I added the gold edge.

Last but not least the details!!! This table has gorgeous carved details that I wanted to just make pop!! I used Rub & Buff in Gold leaf to finish the edge(with my finger) and paint the details with an artists brush. I jst love the way she turned out! I told my sister I wouldn’t be upset if she didn’t sell because I wanted to keep her but she sold as soon as I posted her!!