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I’m so excited to have you with us in Confidently Creative. Read below to get your PASSWORD to join the Facebook Group.

See you soon!


Welcome to the group!

I am seriously excited that you have chosen to be here!
It is a HUGE honor to be trusted with your time, money, and creative efforts and I can promise you that it will be soooo worth it.
Life as a creative can be tough. Sometimes it’s lonely, sometimes there’s a lot of criticism, and a lot of the time you find yourself asking “Am I totally crazy to keep trying this?” If you’re anything like me, you occasionally play that pesky little game of “comparison,” where you look at what everyone else is doing and feel like you’re not measuring up.
But we’re done with all that. No more comparing, no more criticism, and definitely no more loneliness.
We’re about to build something amazing, together: a confident community of creatives.
We’ll be growing in confidence while we grow our businesses!

How will we accomplish it all?

Together, the group will create a community that values positivity, honesty, support, and confidence. That means learning new skills, techniques, and even business best practices and being willing to make mistakes and hear some constructive feedback.

I believe that success comes from lifting each other up.

Are you ready to get started? It’s really easy:
Just click right here and request to join the group. Answer the question “What’s the password?” with this:


I can’t wait to see you there!