Painted & Glazed Sofa Table

Oh my goodness am I so blessed to have had this piece come through my shop! These details are to die for 😍. I always get asked where I find my pieces. This one I purchased from a client. She bought one of my Silk painted dressers and then sold this table to me!

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Material List:

I wasn’t exactly sure which direction I wanted to go with this table but I knew 2 things for sure:
1️⃣ My method of painting would be with my Apollo Sprayers HVLP because details like this aren’t easy to hand paint!!
2️⃣ I wanted it to be white and a shade of gray with highlighted details!! That maybe 3 things 😆
The rest just kind of came to me as I worked in my shop.
I prepped this piece with my White Lighting as usual if you’ve never prepped a piece of furniture before you can learn how to here. With the Silk Mineral Paint I did a scuff sand after cleaning and rinsing. I also did not use a primer. This is a newer piece (20 years or less) so I didn’t feel the need to.
After it was properly prepped, I  sprayed Black Sands from the Silk mineral line. I did 2 coats. Then I applied white wash glaze to the details. I applied the glaze then wiped it back. I did all the little details with Salt Water (Silk Paint). I like to use paint on those little line details because I have more control with my brush.
As a last minute idea I applied the Floral Romance transfer to the top! I applied it right over the silk. I used a razor knife to cut it to size. This just made the piece for me 💯!! It’s an extra special detail that just makes this table so much better, don’t you think??
One of the little tricks I’ve discovered over the years is that it is easier to detail those little marks on the front with paint instead of glaze. I use paint for deeper crevices too. I choose White Cap for this one. It dries faster and goes on cleaner.
To finish this piece up I gave it a coat of Gator Hide. This helps seal in the glaze as well as the transfer. Although there is no need to seal the silk paint, I still like to give some of my pieces this extra layer of protection. Especially on the top. Luckily this piece came with a glass top which is always a super nice touch!