Dying Fabric with Paint

This is the BEST my dyed by painting fabric has ever come out! I tried a new method with y’all on my Tuesday night lives and I think we may have found the golden method of painting fabric!!
I love the style of this sofa but it had stains. Painting it is a great way to cover them up!
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Material List:
What’s the method?? Here it is!
The mix:
1/3 paint 🎨
1/3 water 💦
1/3 Fabric Softener 👗
**Portions are not exactly 1/3….mix to a cake batter consistency
This is the paint I used and recommend for fabric painting: https://bit.ly/2XDLvaJ
⭐️ Step 1:
Mist 🌫 your fabric 🛋 with water to open the pours of the fabric. Then paint your fabric with your mix.
Let it dry completely. I usually let it sit overnight with a fan on it.
⭐️Step 2:
Then you’re going to sand your fabric to soften and break the paint down so it acts more like a dye. I usually use about a 120 grit but I change it up for different fabrics. You’ll know if it’s not the right sandpaper grit for what you’re doing.
⭐️Step 3:
Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 again. Depending on the piece I don’t always sand the back or certain parts to keep them a bit more vibrant. I always sand the seat part that people will sit on to soften. I sanded the entire sofa here.
⭐️Step 4:
Spray it with Easy Peasy Spray wax from Dixie Belle Paint Company to protect and soften.
I used the colors Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Tail & Cobalt Blue for this sofa. I accented the buttons in gold gilding wax and the legs in gold gilding wax & Cactus 🌵 chameleon wax.
You can find all the products I used for this fabric flip here.
📝A Few Notes 📝 !
✏️ I have to say that the fabric was a factor. This is like a tweed style of fabric and it took the paint really well. I’ve heard to stay away from velvet fabric.
✏️In my experience I have never had paint rub off on clothes. Even if you’re wet. I painted my patio cushions right before this and my kids sit on it with wet swimsuits 🩱 and it hasn’t come off on them!
✏️Unlike most pieces I talk about, fabric isn’t like wood. You can’t just paint over it as easily so I recommend starting with a small chair or cushion to see if you like the feel!
I hope this inspires you to try fabric painting! It’s really a fun thing to do and a great way to update your stained sofas! This piece sold in my stories this week and is headed to California!!