Decoupage Rice Papers

In the last year I discovered decoupage papers!! I’ve used many different kinds, but today I’m going to give you a run down of the new ones from Dixie Belle.

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Material list:

If you’ve been around for a hot second you may know that Dixie Belle launched a new line called “Belles and Whistles.” You can find new stencils, transfers, silk screen stencils, and my favorite rice decoupage papers! These papers are breathable so they are really easy to decoupage with. I’m going to go through a few ways to use them, but first I’m going to give you some directions on how to apply them.

Step 1:

Apply paint for a base. You can use chalk mineral paint or silk mineral paint. When choosing your paint color, you’re going to want something light if the paper is white or a color similar to the color of the paper so that it pops.

Step 2:

Apply Satin Clear Coat over your dry paint. Then place your decoupage paper over it. After you have it where you want it, apply your Satin Clear Coat over the paper. Let it dry.

Step 3:

Cut any excess off. If it is a door front I use a razor knife, but if it is a drawer edge I use sandpaper to “Cut” it off.

Step 4:

I like to seal it again with Gator hide for extra protection! Especially if I use it on a table top.

Let’s start with these 2 pieces! These papers fit perfect on door frames and I absolutely love applying the WoodUBend around them! It gives the perfect accent. You can see the full blog on the Hampton Olive Buffet HERE.

The next way I used the decoupage paper is on a table top! I couldn’t wait to pair this Blue sketched roses paper with Tree Frog Green! This table was perfect because it is recessed at the top. I applied an extra 3 coats of Gator Hide here to make sure it could withstand use.

One of my favorite things to do to make my work stand out and surprise my clients is to decorate the drawer sides! Now, this isn’t something I do on every piece. If the drawers rub or stick I don’t paint or add decoupage paper to them. But when when I can, I do! Here are some examples.

This piece I used “Feathers” over Lemonade chalk mineral paint.

Here I used “Pallet Wood Pattern” over Buttercream.

Here I used “Whimsical Mediterranean” over Rebel Yellow.

Last but certainly not least, I used “Spring Flowers with Stems” over the drawers of this silverware cabinet! The paper fit perfectly! I let the clear coat dry, then used my razor knife to trim it to size. This is over Oyster Silk mineral paint. This piece is available too! You can see the listing HERE.

Have you tried the rice decoupage papers yet? I would love to see what you’ve created! If so, send me a picture of your work to for a chance to be featured on my social media!!