Classy Whimsical statement Piece

I wanted to create something for my dining room that just screamed UNIQUE!! And this is what I came up with! I’m going to be honest here, it did not come easy. When it was done I said to my husband Curt, can you believe this dang thing took me 6 months to make! He said no Leah, that took you 33 years to make that ☺️. He’s right.
I’ve had the vision for this hutch in my head since the day we signed the papers for this house 🏡 !! Like most pieces I have a rough vision in my head and then it comes out onto the piece of furniture. Sometimes the vision picks up quickly and sometimes it drags out for what seems like forever! This beast was a dragger!! 
I have to give a huge shoutout to Bubblegum Yum for this gorgeous decoupage paper! It also wraps around the side for this angle that I can see from my kitchen. The left corner is decorated in an array of WoodUbend Mouldings that give so much charm and texture ♥️.
Bubblegum Yum has Artisan decoupage papers that you can apply using any decoupage technique that you choose. Here is a quick tutorial on one method: How to Decoupage
I applied my paper on the side, door and half of the drawers. I ordered the largest paper they had and also had a lot leftover! But I wanted the woman’s head perfectly scaled with the side here.
This hutch has so many colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company on it! I used Anchor (black) on the stripes and the inside of the hutch. Unfortunately, The back (of the hutch top) did not come off this piece so I couldn’t do much except for paint it. I would not have bought this hutch if I had realized that the back AND the glass didn’t come out! Ohh! That reminds me! Since the glass did not come out of these doors I found a product that is super easy to use for taping off glass. It’s called Liquid Masking Tape and it is seriously the bomb!!! You just paint it on, let it dry, paint, then peal it off when you’re done with your project.
The white stripes are done in Silk Salt Water and the black is the same as the top, Anchor. for the other half of the bottom I used a base coat of Colonel Mustard. Then I took my Best Dang Wax brush and smudged in Plum Crazy, Limeade, Caviar, Daisy, Lucky Lavender, and Antebellum Blue.
I used Gold Gemstone 💎 Mousse on all the trim work and detailed this baby in Gold Leaf! In fact that was one of my problem solvers. Just Gold Leaf the Crap out of it 😆!!!
When I was done I sealed the whole piece with Gloss Clear Coat. I wanted it to have a little shine to it! So I have to ask, would you put a piece of furniture like this in your home? I honestly can’t wait to show you all more photo of this room!