Yellow Submarine on Furniture!!

While everyone else is off living in a yellow submarine πŸ’› I’ll be over here living my best life in a HOT PINK SUBMARINEπŸ’• πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•.
Okay I’m a little excited about this piece!! I’m a Beatles fan and I wanted to do a Beatles piece for our new home. When I saw this piece I knew immediately it would be perfect for my rendition of a Beatles themed piece!! οΏΌThis yellow color, Colonel MustardοΏΌ, is going to pop beautifully against the Charcoal walls I have planned for the room it’s going in.

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🎨 Those paint Details 🎨:

I painted this entire piece in Colonel Mustard first. This is my favorite color from

Dixie Belle Paint Company!! Then I blended the center out with a little bit of Buttercream. Not too much but just enough to lighten it up a little. Next I sketched out my submarine. Then I painted it with:
Lastly I sealed it with Clear Coat Satin 2x followed by 2 coats of Gator 🐊 Hide. When it was dry I used a paint pen to outline the submarine!
Are you a Beatles fan?? What do you think of living in a pink submarine!? Would you, could you???