Redesign With Prima -Tissue Pack Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper Pack – Delicate Charm 655350666484

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Redesign-Tissue Pack

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Triple the fun! Introducing NEW Redesign with Prima? D?coupage Paper Triple Packs, with three beautiful designs perfectly curated to mix and match on your next DIY project! ?Delicate Charm? offers a collection of smaller, intricate design details on beautifully colored backdrops. With their smaller and intricate designs, each paper allows for more intricate and detailed decoupage work. Whether you’re working on furniture, collage art, or any other project that requires intricate design elements, these decoupage papers will help you achieve a charming and visually stunning result. The durability of Redesign?s Decoupage Paper ensures that your decoupage project will last for years to come. The paper is resistant to tearing and fading, ensuring that the beautiful design stays vibrant and beautiful even with regular use. Pair with our Decoupage Gel in Matte or Shine for best results.

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