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    What is Confidently Creative?

    What you can expect!

    Confidently Creative is an online membership group for specifically for beginning furniture painters who want to build confidence, gain clarity, and express themselves creatively to increase sales and grow their businesses.

    Let me break that down for you: we’ll talk about the nitty-gritty stuff that makes running a business easier, more effective, and more lucrative. Stuff like how to design products that will sell, how to use social media to build your following, and how to wake up feeling EXCITED to do stuff like send invoices and do a live video.

    I know that there are a million things on your to-do list and I know that running a business feels crazy-overwhelming at times. This group is going to teach you which tasks actually matter and which ones you can move to your “never gonna do” list.

    For $27 a month you will have access to over three years of teachings and you can cancel at any time, should you need to.

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Confidently Creative is a coaching group specifically designed for beginning furniture painters. So you’re here! You’ve discovered this amazing feeling you get when you pick up a paintbrush and now it’s ALL you want to do. You’re spending all your free time picking up furniture, watching tutorials, ordering new products, and thinking about how you can spend more time doing this thing you love to do! 

I know what you’re feeling and it’s an extra special feeling because it’s new! It’s like you’re in love again except this time it’s with 100-year-old furniture that is taking over your garage. And if you’re your husband is like mine he is wondering when he’s getting his garage back. The answer is never LOL! I say husbands because our group is 99% female but we do welcome men as well!

Here’s my secret to being able to paint furniture full time AND getting your husband on board with overtaking the garage. You ready? Here it is. You have to turn a profit on the furniture you paint. I know you already know this BUT  taking something as simple as you have to turn a profit to heart and following through with it is a THE game changer! 

So how do you turn a profit? How do you sell your painted pieces? How do you start a furniture painting business? Do you even want to have a furniture painting business? 

I’m the girl to help you, the beginning furniture painter. When I began I remember being overwhelmed by all the things I was told I needed to do to start a furniture painting business. I was chasing my tail trying to be successful. 

In 2019 I launched Confidently Creative as a business coaching group for online creatives. Over the last 3 years, I have niched down to coaching furniture painters to grow their business and confidence with simple actionable coaching. You don’t need to know everything right now in order to start making money. You need a few simple actionable steps to get you going. I’ve found that the more students try to collect all the information and then go for their goal the less likely they are to see success. My motto is simple, actionable, and consistent.

This is why I am reopening Confidently Creative with a map for you, a beginning furniture artist. Yes, I said artist! Begin here by seeing your value as an artist. I’ve collected the feedback from the artists that have come before you and created a new weekly curriculum to get your furniture business started on the right foot!!

We have a new training each Friday at 10 am CST (You can join live or watch the replay). Each week you will learn skills that will give you confidence in what you are selling. You will find that when you have confidence in your product your sales will increase from this alone. You’ll see that your mindset has more to do with your success than anything else. 

You’ll learn how to prep and paint a piece that is intended for resale. The best products to use for a durable finish. How to NOT give your work away for free. How to handle selling to friends and family.  Platforms to sell on like Etsy, Shopify, your own website, or a booth. How to list your product for sale. Shipping. How to do custom work with a contract. Pricing for profit and so much more!

Now, remember, our group has been open for 3 years! This means there are 3 years worth of content you can view at your leisure. There is social media training, paint tutorials, and my most sought-after staging wall tutorial.

My heart is for the beginner who just isn’t sure what direction to go and needs a little push in the right direction. As your business coach and mentor, it is my heart’s desire to get you going in your business and show you that you have the ability and confidence to know where you’re intended to go from here.

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    My goal for this group is simple:

    Okay, give me the nitty-gritty.

    My goal for this group is simple:

    Confidently Creative has around 125 members right now and we haven’t had a new member opening since April. That means there are 125 experienced furniture artists willing to share their perspectives and creative abilities with you! I often give our group members that are excelling in a specific area an opportunity to teach within our group. This builds community and gives members an opportunity to teach.

    For $27 a month, Confidently Creative is here to help get your feet off the ground in an uplifting community of like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition!

    We are so excited to meet you in the group! New group training begins Friday, October 14th at 10 am CST – You can always catch the replays if you can’t attend live.

    Register Now For $27 A Month